Achieve your Next Generation talent goals with Momentum.

Partner to access and recruit from the #1 network for diverse, entrepreneurial Next Gen talent.

How Enterprise Partnerships Work

Powerful Platform
Proprietary Data
Best-in-Class Service

Momentum helps aligned companies with:

Use Momentum to:

Recruit highly skilled, diverse talent.
Teach your employees soft-skills.
Reach the Next Generation of consumers.
Future-proof your company.
Discover new customers.
Meet fast-growing startups.
Improve your brand perception.
Retain and engage Next Generation talent.
Foster an inclusive culture through Professional Development.

Our unmatched competitive advantage:

HIghly Skilled, Diverse Talent

A more diverse, entrepreneurial network of trained talent.

Better Data

Gather deeper, more actionable Next Generation insights and learnings.

World-Class Experience

An invite-only experience that eliminates distractions and offers curated opportunities to stand out.

Learn from our industry-leading Partners:

Tapping into technical student talent.

Gather deeper, more actionable Next Generation insights and learnings.

Engaging the Next Generation of financial leaders.

We are inviting visionary organizations to join the Next Gen Momentum Network.

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