The Next Gen HQ
Dream Team

Joseph Anane
Full Stack Software Engineer

Joseph is a Software Engineer at Next Gen HQ. He enjoys all genres of music and likes to travel.

Alexa Gambardella
Head of Product

Alexa Gambardella is the Head of Product at Next Gen HQ. She is a graduate of Emory University, a people-first leader with over a decade of experience implementing enterprise software solutions, and a 3x volleyball state champion.

Dylan Gambardella
CEO, Co-founder

Dylan is the CEO and Co-founder of Next Gen HQ. He is a graduate of Duke University ('17) and an avid Blue Devils hoops fan.

Rob Hartmann
Director of Growth Operations

Rob is the Director of Growth Operations at Next Gen HQ. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, received his MBA from Northwestern University, and has a decade's worth of experience leading software implementations in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Rob spends most of his waking hours enjoying one of the "4 B's" - basketball, books, business and beer.

Franziska Ibscher
Director of Product Design

Franziska is the Director of Product Design at Next Gen HQ. She is a graduate of Babson College and a true food and travel enthusiast.

John Kangsumrith
Technical Lead

John is the Tech Lead at Next Gen HQ. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and taking walks with his dog

Rich Keller
Brand Advisor

Rich is the Brand Advisor at Next Gen HQ. With CATALYST as his ‘One Word’ personal brand, Rich is on a mission to transform one million lives, ‘One Word’ at a time. He travels the country (and virtual world) as a motivational speaker showing young entrepreneurs how crafting their personal brands and their business ventures around their ‘One Word’ core value, is the pathway to Stand-out Conquer Obstacles Reach Excellence and SCORE!

Sufiyan Khan
Operations Specialist

Sufiyan is the operations specialist at Next Gen HQ. He likes to keep busy with anything and everything all the time, and often can be found cosplaying, if not working to improve himself.

Justin Lafazan
CEO, Co-founder

Justin is the Co-founder and CEO of Next Gen HQ. He is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, keynote speaker, and the author of 'What Wakes You Up?'

Malekai Mischke
Strategic Contributor

Malekai is a Strategic Contributor at Next Gen HQ. He is a graduate of Carleton College ('18), former collegiate basketball player, and enjoys playing the guitar.

Pankaj Sindagi
Full-Stack Software Engineer

Pankaj is a Full-Stack Software Engineer at Next Gen HQ. He is a Bitcoin evangelist and Blockchain enthusiast. He loves to go on treks, hikes and enjoys exploring nature.

Thea Torres
Graphic Designer

Thea is a Graphic Designer at Next Gen HQ. She’s always on the lookout for new forms of art and media while taking care of all her tiny indoor plants.

Ebuka Umeh
Mobile Engineer

Ebuka is one of the core engineer building the Next Gen app. He is very passionate about technology, new ideas, new ways of thinking and finding it rewarding to apply this methods to serve business all over the globe.