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Momentum for Schools helps students succeed as they transition
from the classroom to the workforce.
Entrepreneurial Learning & Professional Development
Engaging content helps your students develop in-demand soft-skills, increase performance, and stand-out in the recruiting process. Our learning journeys are complete with Group Challenges, Expert Mentors, and Learning Credentials your students will want to participate in.
Diverse Career Opportunities
Access exclusive internships, full-time & part time jobs, events, and mentor connections that align with students goals and passions.
Next Gen Network Access
Students and Schools receive access to the #1 Network for the Next Generation. Create relationships alongside industry leaders, top companies, and like-minded peers.
School Branding
Co-Branded Platform showcases your school’s commitment to pioneering experiential leadership and entrepreneurial education for Next Generation Leaders.
We deliver results through Best-in-Class Service.
Partner Success Manager
A 1:1 dedicated team member helps to drive results across: onboarding, training, reporting, best practice-sharing, and on-demand support. Through regular meetings and reporting, discuss how to best leverage data and learnings to help your team get the most out of Momentum.
Admin Dashboard
Access a dedicated Admin Login for your team to view, analyze, and manage platform experience and engagement.
Data & Insights
Receive Data & Insight reporting regarding platform usage, activity, and outcomes.
We proudly support our Momentum Clients.
Content and Thought Leadership
Feature your Institution’s Faculty, Staff, and Leaders on the Platform, highlighting their expertise to elevate your school’s profile.
Exclusive Access to “In Network” Add-Ons
Enterprise Partners can scale their impact with exclusive access and discounted pricing across customizable products and services that include: custom workshops, leadership consulting, and Next Gen branding support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset and why does it matter for my students?
The power of “thinking like an entrepreneur” is no longer reserved for founders. The entrepreneurial mindset has been demonstrated to increase engagement and performance. Learn more here about how our Momentum platform drives real results and outcomes for your students.
Can I buy products separately?
Once your Momentum Partnership is activated (with our Base Package), you receive access to our full suite of available products and services. Get a free consultation with our team of Next Gen experts.
How long does it take to get started, and what happens after I sign?
Our team will guide you through a low-lift onboarding to ensure successful implementation and activation of our Partnership. During this period, our team of expert consultants will collect and confirm details about your Next Gen goals, build-out your Admin Dashboard, and establish a support framework to ensure a positive experience.
How many Admin Logins do I receive?
Our Momentum Base Package includes three Admin Accounts for Partners to manage the Momentum experience and engagement. Contact our team to inquire about additional Admin Accounts.
How does Momentum work for students who graduate?
Graduating students receive a 30-day grace period to continue using Momentum. If your institution is interested in using Momentum to further engage alumni, speak with our team.
Can my school purchase add-on products and services?
At Next Gen HQ, we invest in long-term client relationships. Once your Momentum for Schools partnership is activated, your institution will receive access to our full suite of available products and services -- including custom programs, branded content, and more. For more information and a free consultation, please get in touch with our team.
Is co-branding available on Momentum?
Yes! The fully co-branded platform showcases your school’s commitment to pioneering experiential leadership and entrepreneurial education for Next Generation Leaders. Learn more by speaking with our team of experts.
What age cohort is Momentum for Schools intended for?
The student experience within our Momentum for Schools program offers a personalized development journey, ensuring that Members of all ages and abilities receive the Education, Resources, Community, and Mentorship they need to succeed. Our Clients have found success adopting Momentum across Secondary Education and Higher Education landscapes. Schedule a time to speak with our team and discuss how Momentum for Schools may fit within your learning ecosystem.
Can faculty incorporate Momentum in the classroom?
Absolutely! While the Momentum student experience is designed to complement -- not replace -- a classroom environment, faculty across the globe are using Momentum’s innovative platform to enhance student outcomes. Contact our team for sample classroom integrations and approaches.
What type of insights are available for Client Administrators? Can I see individual student data?
Clients receive Data and Insight reporting regarding the platform’s usage, activity, and outcomes. This includes aggregated data across the student experience, featuring both quantitative and qualitative insights.

We take an individual's privacy very seriously. As such, an individual student’s Membership Data is confidential. Research shows that when a Member has a safe, trusted relationship with a system, their ability to grow in key mindsets and behaviors is accelerated -- which is what Momentum is here to do. Of course, a student is always free to share information with their institution!
How can my school get started?
We make it easy for Schools to offer their students access to personalized development resources. The first step begins with scheduling a time to speak with our team.
How is Momentum priced?
We believe in simple, transparent, pricing. Momentum for Schools is priced as a standard site-license fee according to the schedule of your Academic Year. We do not charge students directly. Contact our team to request a quote and receive more information.
What type of results can I expect from Momentum for Schools?
Momentum for Schools was designed to help your students succeed at work and in life. Our membership features engaging personal development resources and community building that contribute to students’ self-confidence and post-grad success. Learn about our Learning Methodology, developed alongside top leaders and a decade of learning.

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