Break free of constraints.
Unlock your greatest self.
Change the world.

Now That's Momentum: How the Next Generation Can Think Like Entrepreneurs to Succeed at Work and Life

In this book you'll learn:

The habit Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wishes he started earlier in life.
The single piece of advice Hinge CEO Justin McLeod has for students.
The strategies Karlie Kloss - Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, STEM advocate, and new mom  - uses to decompress.
How Miracle Olatunji launched a podcast, book, and profitable business all before her 19th birthday.
Why Hint Founder Kara Goldin thinks “find your passion” is bad advice.
How Strauss Zelnick became the “Fittest Fortune 1000 CEO” at 60-years-old.
The one word NFL Star Brandon Copeland thinks is most important for all young people to understand.
Why billionaire founder Cindy Eckert believes we all have a great idea in us… and how to find it.
How Jasmine Crowe - Founder of Goodr - is feeding the hungry by keeping food waste out of landfills
...and more!