Upskill your workforce with the power of AI.

Create an agile and durable workforce with our skill building trainings. We make planning and deploying early-career L&D initiatives easy.

Join leading companies in supporting, developing, and accelerating how your young talent learns. All enabled by Artificial Intelligence.

Launch key skill trainings in minutes.

Our expertly curated Playlists make it easy for your team to start building new skills. Begin company-wide trainings in minutes, focusing on pressing skills like:

Integrate your company and content.

Working alongside our team, you can publish company content in custom Playlists, organizing training resources in one place.

Streamline company-wide learning processes like onboarding, keeping employees engaged on one learning platform.

Help your workforce build durable skills.

Play an influential role in designing a learning curriculum that teaches the skills most important for your company’s success. We’ll turn your dream curriculum into individualized learning journeys that your employees will actually use.

Content your people will actually watch.

Our short-form content makes learning fun, easy, and effective. Your people don’t want to sit through hour-long lectures or workshops. Give them impactful training that can be done in just a few minutes each day.

Designed for remote teams.

Take advantage of remote learning by meeting your people where they are. Our solution is perfect for asynchronous and remote teams.

New hires arrive ready to contribute.

Reduce onboarding inefficiencies by upskilling team members prior to their start date. Perfect for interns or early-career hires. Your people will arrive ready to contribute, having built a foundational skillset unique to your company’s goals and workflows.

Feature your brand and personnel.

Take your team’s learning experience to the next level by featuring your brand and personnel. There are opportunities to create custom content

Learn from analytics.

From outcome reporting to real-time learning insights, we take a data-driven approach to ensure your people are developing skills that foster success in the workplace.
Request a demo to learn how your team can build durable skills.
You’ll tell us what outcomes are most important to you.
We’ll get to work building a uniquely curated curriculum for your team.
Together, we’ll onboard your people and observe engagement through our analytics dashboard
You’ll watch as a more robust, fulfilled, and engaged team exceeds expectations


1. How do I bring this skills development to my team?
Get started by requesting a demo here.
2. What skills will my people learn?
Our skill building content focuses on essential workplace skills like mastering productivity, building relationships, acquiring a growth mindset, building powerful habits, strategic thinking, leadership, wellness, and more. To see what your specific learning curriculum may look like, request a demo here.
3. How much does it cost?
We charge on a per member basis, with tiered pricing beginning with teams of 50 people. We are proponents of using pilot programs to demonstrate results before rolling out skill development programs company-wide.