Career Skills for Students

Your students want to learn entrepreneurial skills to enhance their career-readiness. We'll help you get started.

Offer Market-Demand Skill Trainings

From ‘Communication’ to ‘Problem Solving’, our learning programs teach your students skills they need to thrive in their careers.

Better Engage Your Students

Reaching today’s students is tough. That’s why our content looks more like TikTok than a textbook. Our short-form, Gen Z-focused delivery makes learning fun, engaging, and effective so we can better reach your students.

Distinguish Your School and Programs

Prepare your students for early-career success with our out-of-the-box learning solution. Earn a reputation for your school as a worthy investment that stands out from the pack.



1. Why do I need to bring a durable skills development platform to my campus?
7 out of the 10 most frequently requested skills on employer job descriptions fall into the category of ’soft’ skills*. It will be more important than ever for students to learn durable skills to get started AND advance in their career

*America Succeeds 2021
2. How do I know it works?
We would love to show you past use cases with school partners to explain how durable skills changed their campus.
3. What if my students are already using Next Gen HQ?
No problem - we can merge their access so that they are able to view the learning journeys that we defined together to really hone in on their durable skills development.