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AI-powered learning journeys.

  • Tell us about your role, what you enjoy, and your aspirations. Our AI engine will create your unique learning journey.
  • We’ll show you the skills most important for your desired career path so you can begin building skills that matter in no time.
  • Our algorithm shares daily recommendations based on your goals and behaviors to save you time and energy.

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  • We get it, you’re busy. We designed our AI-powered platform to deliver short-form, entertaining content. Our content will be so enjoyable, you might forget it’s productive.
    You’ll experience an endless number of actionable insights and motivational learnings from industry experts.

Build skills that matter.

  • Learn durable soft-skills that help you thrive at school or in the workforce.
  • Our content helps you develop the skills that unlock your potential, like productivity, leadership, resilience, and creativity.


1. What type of skills will I build?
Skills that matter is our preferred term for soft skills or social emotional learning (SEL). Skills that matter are durable skills that are required for success in the workplace. Often, they are the most important skills to advance in your career.

Examples of durable skills: strategic thinking, confidence, communication, creativity, time management, relationship-building.
2. How do I build these skills?
Get started by requesting an invite to join our beta. You’ll be invited to download the Next Gen HQ mobile app (iOS and Google Play). From there, you’ll answer a few questions about your career goals before immediately starting your journey.
3. How much do you charge users?
For you, it’s free ;). Company and School leaders can learn more about bringing our platform to their people by requesting a demo here.