Join the Next Gen HQ Dream Team

We are building the largest and most valuable membership for the next generation of entrepreneurs and creators.

Our Mission

We help the next generation succeed at work and life.

Our Values

Make Relationships #1

We know that nothing is more important than how we connect with ourselves, our work, and the world.

Outwork Others

We fall in love with the process of working hard. Dedication is critical for finding success at work and in life.

Motivate Ourselves to Grow 1% Each Day

We focus on the consistent, persistent pursuit of becoming our best by building habits that enable small wins to compound.

Exceed Expectations

We push our limits and challenge what’s possible in order to realize our highest potential. “Good enough” doesn’t exist.

Never Stop Learning

We remain curious in all we do, choosing to view relationships and experiences as opportunities for growth.

Take Complete Ownership

We take responsibility for our goals, understanding that our mindset and actions dictate our success.

Understand Our “Why”

We are in touch with our core motivators, allowing values and purpose to guide our behaviors and decisions.

Make It About the Long Game and Enjoy the Journey

We play to win over a lifetime, never sacrificing long-term success for short-term gain. Good things take time—great things take longer.

Our Benefits

Teamwide Equity
Health Benefits
Access to 401(k)
Unlimited Time Off
Flexible Remote Access
Learning & Development
Purpose-Driven Culture
Mentors & Advisors
Team Culture Events