Now That’s Momentum 🚀

How the Next Generation Can Think Like Entrepreneurs to Succeed at Work and Life

Now That’s Momentum is written by Dylan Gambardella and Justin Lafazan, Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients and Co-Founders of Next Gen HQ. The book uncovers the mindsets, strategies, and skills of 50+ business leaders and world-class performers to help you succeed at work and life.

In Now That’s Momentum, you will learn:
  • The habit Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wishes he started earlier in life
  • The single piece of advice Hinge CEO Justin McLeod has for students
  • The strategies Karlie Kloss - Victoria’s Secret Supermodel - uses to decompress
  • How Miracle Olatunji launched a podcast, book, and profitable business all before her 19th birthday
  • Why Hint Founder Kara Goldin thinks “find your passion” is bad advice
  • How Strauss Zelnick became the “Fittest Fortune 1000 CEO” at 60-years-old
  • Why billionaire real-estate magnate Sam Zell believes understanding your limits is a superpower
  • The books mindfulness guru Yael Shy recommends most often
  • The one word NFL Star Brandon Copeland thinks is most important for all young people to understand
  • Why billionaire founder Cindy Eckert believes we all have a great idea in us… and how to find it
  • How Jasmine Crowe - Founder of Goodr - is feeding the hungry by keeping food waste out of landfills
Dylan and Justin: We are grateful to share Now That’s Momentum with the world! This is the book we wish we had when getting started. We are excited to hear how this book changes your life.

We are fortunate to spend our days with people who are chasing their dreams. This group is truly dynamic, energized, and inspired.

We’ve spent the better part of the last decade building a network (a business, a movement) around these people who are really going for it. People who have a dream they are looking to actualize, and make the choice to go for it every single day - regardless of how hard it is.

We decided to write the book Now That’s Momentum in order to help more people find this success. We want to help everyone who wants it to realize they can be in the driver’s seat of their own life. But let us be clear: We are the Guides and not the Hero. We have made every mistake in the book (pun intended), and will continue to make new ones.

But we’re still here. Like you, we understand that momentum never stops, and the time has come to bring it back in full force. Through profiles of some of the world’s greatest leaders, we share how more people can get in the game and start winning.

Now That’s Momentum is written for you. We can’t wait to see what you do with the playbook!

Pre-order your copy of Now That’s Momentum today. Tons of love, fam.
-Dylan, Justin, and the Next Gen Team