About Momentum

Next Gen HQ’s Momentum ecosystem offers learning and development to help the Next Generation “win” at work and in life.

We are proud to serve Next Generation leaders and help them find success along their journeys. We built Momentum to provide the guided learnings, curated resources, and empowering community we all need to overcome obstacles and unlock our greatest selves.

Momentum is here to help us  “Think Like Entrepreneurs” and build the lives of our dreams!

A Decade of Momentum

Growing up, we felt a desire to live life on our own terms. Looking for direction, we started asking questions and seeking out peers equally excited about chasing their dreams.

In 2014, we started Next Gen HQ to help those just like us - young people looking to design the lives they want to live.

The journey wasn’t always pretty, but nothing worth doing comes easily. Pursuing your purpose is flat out hard. Though we - like you - believe the journey to be worth it.

Just Getting Started

Over the last decade, we’ve put together a playbook for achieving our goals and dreams - the Momentum ecosystem - and today we’re excited to invite you to join.

Here’s to taking ownership of our journeys, growing 1% each day, and chasing our dreams together.

We look forward to getting to know you and we thank you for being part of the Next Gen story. It’s truly just beginning!


Dylan Gambardella & Justin Lafazan
Co-Founders, CEOs

Fall 2014

At age 18, Justin & Dylan launch Next Gen!

July 2015

Next Gen Summit premiers in Austin, TX.

Justin & Dylan’s parents serve as the volunteer staff!
Winter 2017

NGHQ launches an Investment Arm to support scaling Next Gen Members!

June 2019

Next Gen opens its HQ in New York City!

November 2019

NGHQ acquires leading entrepreneurship organization TrepStart Independent Youth!

Spring 2021

Next Gen launches flagship Momentum Membership — by invitation-only!

Fall 2021

Now That’s Momentum written by Dylan and Justin, debuts as a Best-Seller!